French MotoGP 20th M

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French MotoGP 20th M

Postby Rob_Wakey » Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:30 am

Well decided to go again and booked tickets to find me and son cocked up dates between us and he’s already away with his family!

Therefore I may have a spare ticket for the Dunlop grandstand for the Sunday race day. I have also got a provisional booking on a twin room at a hotel about 40 mins from the circuit. ( have a look and you will find virtually all the covered grandstands and most of the hotels in Le Mans have been booked for weeks).

Not booked a ferry but hoping to do Portsmouth/Caen Saturday morning 8am, scenic ride down to hotel, early start to circuit Sunday and afterwards ride back to Ousitreham for the 23.00 crossing back to Portsmouth which gets back about 7am from memory.

Same trip last year with a cabin each way. . . . . . so . . . . . . just seeing if there any interest from anyone on here I know from the previous get togethers ?

I’d be looking for reimbursement of the ticket price and half the hotel rate, I’ll do my ferry crossing and happy to bear the cabin costs. (And let someone share it if they can put up with me overnight)

If there’s no interest I will most probably put one or both tickets up on eBay or something like that although I may just go on my own and tout the other ticket when I get there.

To give some idea of costs, tickets cost me £360 for the pair, ferry without cabin is £145 (approx), Hotel is £120.

It’s about 120 miles to Le Mans from the ferry, petrol is about the same as here. So say 5-6 gallons is about £30, another £100 for food for two days plus the ferry crossings.

So you’re looking around £530 plus your costs to Portsmouth, (500 miles round trip for me!), and anything else you spend on ‘souvenirs’, beer etc.

I reckon on around £600 to cover it, last year I paid for all of it as a pressie for the lad and it ended up about £1000, but the tickets weren’t in such a good spot and we had a cheaper hotel nearer the circuit.
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