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Postby Bugrug » Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:10 pm

Housey wrote:
sturgis wrote:Is a catapult needed for new planes?

Without it the aircrafts range is deceased, and you're tied to VTOL/STOL aircraft.
Also the F35B has a few flaws in it's design, mainly they reckon it uses all it's fuel to reach max speed :shock:
Would you buy a 200mph bike that used all it's fuel to reach it's top speed :?: but the good thing about a bike running out of fuel is that you don't fall out the sky :lol:

Reminds me somewhat of a certain Honda pseudo V8 thingie, 15 mins at top whack and, oops, need petrol ASAP.
If it aint broke, it aint fixed proper, yet.........

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