I am Pushbike mad luv em but some people

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I am Pushbike mad luv em but some people

Postby Sam » Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:55 am

My car does approx 6000m a year(mostly the wife)
My bike 4000m when its nice,no rain
My Pushbike 4000m easily(main workhorse rain or shine)

My pushy is always out I love it ! I am not a saint on it,I will pop the odd left hander at the lights,scream at car drivers giving me no room or cutting me up but mainly have no real problems with anyone.I will give lots of room for them in the car .There are always bad apples in cars ,bikes and pushies.
This is not a whine about that.
Its the fuggin dickheads there kids in a little trailer with a fuckin flag on attached to the bike!!!!!! Well theres saving the world and there is total stupidity!!!
Even worse is the tricycle with 2 front wheels a cabin in the front for a baby with two kids in!!!!
This stupid woman was on a fast dual carriageway I am wary about wobbling everywhere!!!
I was gobsmacked!

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